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Turf and Gophers

If you have experienced issues with gophers in the past, it is imperative that you discuss the topic with your landscaper/synthetic turf installer while the project is in the planning stage. Gophers CAN and WILL bore through the base and the turf itself. In order to prevent this, several options are available.

A chicken wire or gopher wire must be used, and installed in the proper place. In order to be most effective, the gopher wire must be inserted below the compacted base.

The Synthetic Turf installation will thus begin with the following steps:

  1. Remove existing sod and 3-4 inches of dirt from the project area.
  2. Lay the gopher wire down.
  3. Attach gopher wire with steel staples every 1-2 feet. The gopher wire can overlap if your area is large enough to require it.
  4. Prepare the recommended base for your synthetic turf application - ABOVE the gopher wire.
  5. Continue installation as usual.

The purpose behind putting gopher wire under the base material:

  1. Gophers will burrow through base material and cause waves and lumps in the turf in their attempts to break through the gopher wire.
  2. Eliminate the uneven surfaces that gophers can cause.

Please contact us for more information on properly installing and dealing with gopher issues as they relate to your potential synthetic turf project.