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Should I use infill or not, and what are the types of infill?

In the majority of cases you will need to use infill as part of the turf installation.

You DO NOT need an infill based solution if your application is used for aesthetic purposes only, or used on balconies, decks, patio areas, steep hills, or slopes. Additionally, our thick synthetic turf (Olive 92 Stem Grass) does not require infill but we still recommend that you use it.

If you have a pet you must use infill but the type that comes with Zeolite mixed in. Zeolite will absorb the majority of the dog urine and help prevent bad odor. (Read more about ZEOLITE)

Definition and types of Infill:

  • Infill can consist of either an:
    • Acrylic coated green colored sand with antimicrobial properties.
    • Sand Only.
    • Black Crumb rubber.
  • Infill is placed between the blades of the artificial turf to properly complete the installation.
  • Infill allows the artificial turf blades to stand up and look like natural standing grass, while making the product more durable.
  • Sand infill will emulate the feel of soil when walked on, adding a dimension of realism.
  • Infill will hold the turf down with it's weight.

Rubber Infill:

Black colored rubber is used to provide a cushion for athletic players on the field and emulates the feeling of soil, providing a realistic bounce during sporting events and adding a dimension of realism.

How much infill should I use? - The minimum per square foot is one pound and in some cases you will need up to 7 pounds per square foot. It is all dependent on the turfs use. (Residential turf needs 1-1 1/2 pounds per square foot, Sports fields will require more).

Kids and infill - Some of our customers have raised the issue that their children have been tracking the infill from their turf surface into undesirable areas such as their homes or pools. It is true that the infill may stick to the bottom of a shoe or skin when wet. To combat this issue, we recommend that parents with young children who expect to use the syntheric area for play install a thicker turf product that does not require infill. Products that fit this specification are usually 80 oz face weight or higher. The blades on these denser products do not require infill in order to remain upright and thus will solve any problem with infill being tracked around before the problems arise.