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Government Artificial Turf Rebates

Turf Homeowner Rebate

Many municipalities within the Los Angeles County Metro area are currently offering a rebate on installation of Synthetic Turf. Synthetic turf falls under the category of "Drought Resistant Landscaping". This rebate must be applied for and is distributed by participating local departments of water and power.

Participating municipalities can be found here:


(Any information provided by SimpleTurf.com is just a summary and should not be relied upon as fact - Applicants to Verify)

Homeowners must go through an application process that begins BEFORE installation of any "Drought Resistant Landscaping". Very briefly, the process begins by collecting water bills 2 months prior to installation, then completing your installation of synthetic turf, and then presenting 2 months of water bills PRIOR to the installation to show the dramatic drop in water usage. Before and after pictures should be provided as well.

The application and instructions for LADWP can be found here:


For other municipalities, please go to this page and click on the corresponding link for your municipality:


For more information not addressed above, please check the FAQ:


A good place to begin: