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Cleaning Pet Stains

How to clean pet stains from artificial turf

  • Defecated materials, urine, spit and other biological materials deposited by pets should be removed promptly and regularly. Leaving solid material waste on the surfaces to break down will increase the amount of contaminate that saturates the turf system.
  • Treat loose stool material with care by removing it with gloves and spot treating the area with cleaners. Irrigate the area locally but DO NOT hose solid waste away, this just spreads the waste over a larger area.
  • In dry weather, it is okay to leave solid waste to harden before removing. During wet weather, remove all waste immediately to prevent the solids from breaking down further.
  • Urine is difficult to locate by sight but you must assume that the animals are urinating and treat the entire surface when sanitizing and deoderizing. Most sanitizing products require one gallon per 500 square feet of turf to achieve proper saturation. Use the sprinkler setting on most hose nozzles to drizzle water over the site to drive the treatments down through the turf, infill, backing and base materials.
  • The volume of waste and use of the area determines how often you should groom the site. A single dog may only require weekly sanitation while many dogs, like in a kennel, may require daily sanitizing.
  • Sanitizing and deodorizing is critically important to the long term enjoyment and safe use of synthetic turf.
  • If your pet has an illness you should consider spraying with a disinfectant.
  • During winter and rainy seasons, irrigating is not neccesary, but during summer dry and sunny times the area should be irrigated weekly with full strength cleaners to wash the treatments deeply into the turf.
  • Synthetic turf laid out on concrete, wood or other hard surfaces should be cleaned under the turf regularly. Avoid cleaners containing alcohol or harsh acids as these can damage the turf blades.

Recommended Cleaning and Grooming Products:

Enzyme Cleaners - Odormute®, OdoBan®, Nature's Miracle®, UrineFree®,and others. Rinse after four hours to dilute the chemicals and spread them throughout the turf. These cleaners can be purchased from many online sources.

Vinegar - Use 5% white distilled vinegar and irrigate it through the surface.

Green Cleaners - Any type of cleaner that does not contain alcohol and is biodegradable. Non-foaming, low sud products are best.

Degreasers and soapy cleaners - These can be used, however you must completely rinse these cleaners out of the turf.