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The Benefits of Installing Synthetic Turf

  1. Environmental - You will be helping the environment by saving water, which we all know there is a lack of in Los Angeles County.
  2. Synthetic Turf is green all year round - Unlike traditional turf that needs constant care and which is only in peak condition 50-75% of the time.
  3. Sprinkler system controller adjustments - You no longer need it. No more adjusting time between the summer and winter and back again.
  4. Water Bills - No rising water bills over time.
  5. City Code - No need to comply to changing city sprinkler restrictions from year to year.
  6. Pet Friendly - You no longer see yellow dead spots due to your pet doing it's business on the lawn. It's easy to wash and you don't need to change out sections like you do with sod.
  7. Harmful Chemicals - There is no longer a need for harsh chemicals. Not only are you saving money but this also benefits the environment.
  8. Additional Safety Factors - Safe for children and easy on joints.
  9. Built to Survive the Rigors of High Traffic & Aggressive Sports Play - Unlike sod, it's designed to play sports on and it will not be damaged.
  10. 15 Year (residential) & 10 Year (commercial) Limited Warranty - With sod you do not get any type of warranty. If your turf fades or is damaged, you will receive replacement.

In conclusion, you will spend more up front but will save money and more in the long run by installing a brand new synthetic turf lawn instead of the traditional sod.