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Artificial Turf Components, Benefits & Installation


Artificial Turf Backings Compared; Latex or Polyurethane, which is better? 

We get this question daily - the answer is that the Polyurethane backing for synthetic turf is better and will last much longer than the latex backing, resulting in much longer warranties on Polyurethane (PU) backed products.

  1. As a homeowner, if you buy latex backed artificial turf with only a 6, 8, or 10 year warranty
    • Your artificial grass will deteriorate within 1-2 years  after the end of the warranty period, resulting in an 8-12 year maximum lifespan. You will need to re-do the job in a relatively short time frame at the same initial expense.
    • Your return on investment will be reduced by 50% compared to what you would get by using synthetic turf with a polyurethane (PU) backing and our 18 year warranty (which could be 20-25 years of use.
    • Polyurethane backing is the superior choice for households with pets because it is easier to clean, does not absorb pet urine, and will reduce odors caused by pets. The latex backing tends to absorb pet urine, and is more likely to be damaged by it .
  2. Manufacturers only give a minimal warranty on The latex backed synthetic turf since it will not last more than 8-10 years, and in many cases as little as 6 years.
  3. Use of polyurethane backed synthetic turf will give you a longer lasting, superior performing artificial lawns.
  4. Latex backed turf is heavy and more difficult to install then the PU backed turf.

The Main Components of Artificial Turf are:

Blades - This is what is seen on the top, green nylon blades that are resilient, soft and resistant to UV rays (sunlight).

Backing - The backing is made of 3 layers of fabric and glue, or composite coating on top of fabric, latex or polyurethane. This is what holds the turf together.

Thatch - The thatch is the part that looks like dead material, just like in real grass. In synthetic turf it has two purposes; to hold the blades up and give them a little support, and for aesthetics, it makes the grass look realistic.

Face Weight - This is the number of ounces per sq. yard of just the fiber. SimpleTurf is available in 40 to 102 ounce weights.

Total Weight - This is the total number of ounces per square yard of the blades and the backing combined. Generally the heavier the product weight, the better the durability of the turf.

Height - The length of the blades. (longer blades are more expensive)

Color - Made in many standard colors and custom colors can be special ordered.

Also known as - Synthetic turf is also known as fake grass, artificial lawn, or by many brand names such as Astroturf.




The Benefits of Installing Synthetic Turf

      1. Environmental - You will be helping the environment by saving water, which we all know there is a lack of in Los Angeles County.
      2. Synthetic Turf is green all year round - Unlike traditional turf that needs constant care and which is only in peak condition 50-75% of the time.
      3. Sprinkler system controller adjustments - You no longer need it. No more adjusting time between the summer and winter and back again.
      4. Water Bills - No rising water bills over time.
      5. City Code - No need to comply to changing city sprinkler restrictions from year to year.
      6. Pet Friendly - You no longer see yellow dead spots due to your pet doing it's business on the lawn. It's easy to wash and you don't need to change out sections like you do with sod.
      7. Harmful Chemicals - There is no longer a need for harsh chemicals. Not only are you saving money but this also benefits the environment.
      8. Additional Safety Factors - Safe for children and easy on joints.
      9. Built to Survive the Rigors of High Traffic & Aggressive Sports Play - Unlike sod, it's designed to play sports on and it will not be damaged.
      10. 18 Year (residential) & 10 Year (commercial) Limited Warranty - With sod you do not get any type of warranty. If your turf fades or is damaged, you will receive replacement.

In conclusion, you will spend more up front but will save money and more in the long run by installing a brand new synthetic turf lawn instead of the traditional sod.


Synthetic Turf Installation


We recommend that Homeowners hire a professional synthetic turf installer, so we will not post installation instructions on this website.

Here are some reasons not to do it yourself:

      1. Removing Current Landscape: A professional installer will understand the right amount of grass and dirt to excavate from your property. Grass can grow through your synthetic turf; however, the installer will understand the right way to take care of this so the only thing on your lawn will be YST turf.
      2. Proper Measurements: Your professional installer will know the exact measurements that are needed for your lawn. When installing synthetic turf, your installer can eliminate waste and unnecessary products and will save you money in the long run.
      3. The Infill Process: The proper amount of infill is just as important as picking out the turf. Your installer will understand how much and what kind of infill is needed for your particular application. Any of our infills will protect your grass from creasing and/or flattening out. When installed by a professional, infill will give your yard the ultimate recovery needed and will protect your investment.
      4. Equipment: An installer will have the equipment needed to transport the turf and infill products to your home and will have access to tools such as carpet kickers, power brooms and power compactors that can be potential safety hazards. It may look easy, but leave it to the professionals!
      5. Warranty: Only an application completed by a Professonal Installer can be insured by our industy leading 18 year warranty (Residential Jobs). Treat your YST Synthetic Turf installation like what it is - an investment!


If you wish to attempt to install synthetic turf on your own we suggest that you view our helpful installation video.


For Pro-Installers in the Los Angeles area:

      • We provide FREE group classes on Synthetic Turf installation. WE OFFER A 2 HOUR CLASS AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH, and occasionally more often.
      • We also offer Free one on one classes.
      • We also offer Free "In the field" classes in which we will come to your location or jobsite and train you and your employees.

To sign up for the FREE class at our San Fernando or Norwalk locations please call us at

818-896-6633 ext 301

   Here is a video showing an install of SimpleTurf:


Turf and Gophers:

If you have experienced issues with gophers in the past, it is imperative that you discuss the topic with your landscaper/synthetic turf installer while the project is in the planning stage. Gophers CAN and WILL bore through the base and the turf itself. In order to prevent this, several options are available.

A chicken wire or gopher wire must be used, and installed in the proper place. In order to be most effective, the gopher wire must be inserted below the compacted base.

The Synthetic Turf installation will thus begin with the following steps:

      1. Remove existing sod and 3-4 inches of dirt from the project area.
      2. Lay the gopher wire down.
      3. Attach gopher wire with steel staples every 1-2 feet. The gopher wire can overlap if your area is large enough to require it.
      4. Prepare the recommended base for your synthetic turf application - ABOVE the gopher wire.
      5. Continue installation as usual.

The purpose behind putting gopher wire under the base material:

      1. Gophers will burrow through base material and cause waves and lumps in the turf in their attempts to break through the gopher wire.
      2. Eliminate the uneven surfaces that gophers can cause.

Please contact us for more information on properly installing and dealing with gopher issues as they relate to your potential synthetic turf project.

Painting Artificial Turf:

All of our artificial turf can be painted. Different types of paint will last from a day to a few weeks. Please call us for more information on painting synthetic turf. This is a key feature when using synthetic grass for sports fields and playgrounds.

Colored Turf:

Our artificial turf products can be ordered in many colors. Please call us for prices and lead time.