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Artificial Putting Turf


Putting Turf

Our putting turf is made from polyethylene filled green or bi-color green. It comes in 40 oz. and 60 oz. and is available in 1/2", 3/4" and 5/8" pile heights.

Putting Flags, Poles & Cups

Putting flags, poles and cups are available for purchase directly from us. The poles come in different colors but black and white are the most common. The flags that we carry in stock are the black and white checkered style. Our cups come in plastic or aluminum and are 4 inches in diameter x 6 inches high. All cups are white.

Custom Putting Flags

We recommend purchasing custom flags from Northstar Flag & Flag Pole Company, call 800/958-3009 and ask for Rebecca, or visit northstarflags.com.